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More about Carbon Detox

Carbon Detox by George Marshall
Published by Gaia Thinking Price: £7.99 Paperback

  • Do you find it hard to believe that climate change is really happening?
  • Are you bored by the science and confused by thousands of planet-saving tips & hints?
  • Do you wonder if it is worth doing anything at all?

Carbon Detox offers a provocative and entertaining approach to climate change. From the very first chapter, entitled ‘Oh no, not another bloody polar bear!,’ it challenges conventional thinking and offers fresh ways for ordinary ‘non-greenies’ to understand and respond to this global crisis. It explains:

  • Why the phrases ‘climate change’ and ‘ 
    global warming’ fail to convince us

  • Why we don’t trust the messengers or 
    the message

  • Why we need to think of climate change 
    as a scary but survivable roller coaster ride

  • Why small measures like recycling plastic bags are often an excuse for doing nothing.

  • Why speed, fun and luxurious treats must be a part of a light carbon lifestyle

George Marshall shows us how to overcome psychological blocks such as scepticism, fear and powerlessness. It helps us to find our personality profile - a survivor, a traditionalist, a winner or a striver – and from that develop a personal plan that works for kind of person we really are.

Carbon Detox puts and strong and persuasive argument that we must stop thinking about ‘saving the planet’ and ‘giving things up’. Instead, let’s adopt a light-carbon lifestyle because it is the only smart, fun, healthy and modern way to live in the 21st century.

Carbon Detox uses simple Carbon Calculators for the home, transport and food and gives concise plans for how anyone can ‘drop a tonne’ of carbon dioxide in just one year. Using personal testimony it shows how people who have gone further and fully engaged with the challenge of climate change have opened up new vistas of opportunity and success.

The book aims to persuade the most ardent sceptic and provide believers with an entirely new way of thinking.


Part 1: Fresh ways to think about     climate change
Chapter 1. Not another bloody polar bear!
Chapter 2. Words fail me
Chapter 3. The Medusa effect
Chapter 4. The only thing that counts is the
               carbon bottom line
Chapter 5. The death of thousand tips

Part 2: Make this book work
for you

Chapter 1. Calling real people
Chapter 2. So who do you think you are?
Chapter 3. Personality type A
Chapter 4. Personality type B
Chapter 5. Personality type C
Chapter 6. Personality type D
Chapter 7. Got the message?

Part 3: The climate rollercoaster
Chapter 1. Roll up, roll up
Chapter 2. Up the lift hill
Chapter 3. You’re already on the                                rollercoaster
Chapter 4. Over the top
Chapter 5. Screaming and waving
Chapter 6. You will be OK
Chapter 7. And off we go again

Part 4: Overcoming denial and truly believing in climate change
Chapter 1. The lost years
Chapter 2. The blind leading the blind
Chapter 3. Be unnatural
Chapter 4. Smokescreens
Chapter 5. Stifling your inner sceptic 
Chapter 6. Bad messengers 109
Chapter 7. The pick-and-mix stand
Chapter 8. Comedy corner 
Chapter 9. Climate change – bring it on! 
Chapter 10.The plastic bag fetish  
Chapter 11. Hiding in the crowd
Chapter 12. Meet your Evil Carbon Twin 

Part 5: Strategies for dealing with   climate change

Part 6: The vision

Part 7: Preparing for the detox
Chapter 1. The carbon detox
Chapter 2. Say no to sackcloth
Chapter 3. You know it makes sense
Chapter 4. Enjoy your treats
Chapter 5. Find a lifestyle that says nice                    things about you
Chapter 6. Unfreeze your habits

Part 8: Counting the carbos
Chapter 1. Counting counts
Chapter 2. Where you live
Chapter 3. How you get about
Chapter 4. How you travel abroad
Chapter 5. What you eat
Chapter 6. What you buy
Chapter 7. Counting the carbos
Chapter 8. What does it all mean?
Chapter 9. The bottom line

Part 9: Drop a tonne
Chapter 1. Drop a tonne at home
Chapter 2. The DIY weekend to drop a                        tonne
Chapter 3. Drop a tonne on home power
Chapter 4. Tweak a tonne
Chapter 5. Drop a tonne on land travel
Chapter 6. Drop a tonne on air travel
Chapter 7. Drop a tonne on food
Chapter 8. Drop a tonne on stuff
Chapter 9. Time to get to work

Part 10: Thriving
Chapter 1. Five of the best

Part 11: Taking control
Chapter 1. Closing down the rollercoaster
Chapter 2. Amplify
Chapter 3. Multiply
Chapter 4. Rectify

Part 12: Living the detox
Chapter 1. Living the detox
Chapter 2: Your next steps