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Carbon Detox

...is a provocative and entertaining
approach to climate change. It challenges
conventional thinking and offers fresh
ways to understand and respond to this
global crisis.

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Carbon Detox book


Woking Local Action 21
AGM at 7.30 on June 10th 2009
at  HG Wells Conference and Events centre
No need to book in advance
and entrance is free.

More info: http://wokingla21.wordpress.com/

After a brief AGM George Marshall will be presenting his

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Chosen as one of the top three green books by George Monbiot and Caroline Lucas - view details

What people are saying about Carbon Detox:

What an excellent book. It's fresh and original, vital, witty, bold and clear, Carbon Detox will rock your world. Rob Newman, comedian and author.

Al Gore and Woody Allen wrapped in one. Roman Krznaric, The Oxford Muse

Carbon de-tox is a FANTASTIC book!... THE best book on climate change. Ruth Jarman, Christian Ecology Link

Among the raft of books on saving the planet Carbon Detox stands out. Read this one first. 
Dr Thomas Downing, Stockholm Environment Institute.

I can’t find strong enough words to recommend this book– you should buy it for yourself and for everyone you know. Josh Hart. On The Level.

Buy this book and thrust it into the hands of someone who still doesn't believe in the climate crisis. No other book goes further in addressing people's denial and their resistance to change Mark Lynas, author of Six Degrees. (http://www.marklynas.org/)

Carbon Detox is so superbly accessible, humane and engaging. It does a wonderful job of demystifying the topic and bringing the most uninformed reader right into it -- along with the requisite dose of reader- empowerment. Ross Gelbspan, author of The Heat is On